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what would baudrillard think?
This past Sunday the city of Madrid staged a faux London flea market modelled after Portobello Road and Camden Lock. The event attracted over 50,000 shoppers, according to this article, and included a mix of tradit... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 28/06/07

global cities
The Tate Modern's newest exhibition, Global Cities, has just opened in its Turbine Hall. The exhibition is staged over two floors in a structure designed specifically for the show, and includes not only selected data and themes from last year's 10th International Architecture Biennial in Venice but also a host o... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 21/06/07

why west kensington is just like west ham
Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah of think tank IPPR has contributed our first article, describing how different kinds of immigration keep the capital going. 'Immigration is also critical to London's economic dynamism,' he argues, before quoting statistics saying that the majority of us Londoners do not t... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 12/06/07

oona king says that multiculturalism has failed in east london
The Guardian today has run an interview with Oona King, former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, in which she says that multiculturalism in the east London is failing. She cites faith schools and poor housing policies as being at the root of discontent bred between communities in her former borough. In ... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 06/06/07

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