blog/trainlarge.gifAs a dedicated cyclist, I'll probably get some flack for potential empirical inaccuracies here, but the Mayor of London's announcement yesterday of an Overground Rail network is certainly worth a mention. London's rail system can be an impenetrable web comprising innumerable operators all running on slightly different times. And while certain seasoned travelers can tell you which companies run behind schedule, which ahead and which to avoid entirely, the learning curve is slow.

The plan, which involves a singular manager controlling both London's north and east Rail lines, includes a provision that will ensure the mayor's office and GLA will maintain some control over fare setting and general operation. The present budget is set at 1.4 billion and the shift in operations will begin this November.

The move is significant particularly in establishing a precedent for the re-assertion of public control over transportation. Hopefully this will serve the city with potential fare reductions (as Livingstone just did with the bus system) and increased accountability. Post-Thatcher healing moves another step ahead.

Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 20/06/07



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