Industry minister and MP for Barking Margaret Hodge was pilloried in the press a couple of weeks ago for comments about the allocation of housing to immigrants in her constituency. Her argument was that families who have lived in an area for generations have a 'legitimate sense of entitlement' to council owned housing, and that this must be balanced against the needs of immigrant families in the same area.

This story revealed Labour's confusion on housing, and polarised the other two parties. While the Liberal Democrats said that Hodge's statements were 'dangerous' and that her comments demonstrated that Labour should build more social housing, the Conservatives saw the comments as revealing Labour's 'failure to control immigration'.

Barking and Dagenham is a flash point in this debate, being the constituency that elected 11 members of the BNP as councillors in 2006. Later today, I'll post a short essay about the benefits of racial diversity in the capital by Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah of think tank IPPR. He has written it especially for Debate London, and he will also be appearing at the debate at Tate Modern on Friday 22 June - Is London a United City?

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