Doreen Massey argues that we need to be more aware of the role of London in producing corporate globalisation.       Read Article
By: Doreen Massey       Post Comment

Edwin Heathcote, architecture critic of the Financial Times, lets out a roar of indignation and disgust at the new architecture of the capital. We are constantly being told London’s new buildings are great, but he shows why, in fact, they’re a scandalous, unsustainable, anti-cultural, vacuous mess. He calls for more debate.       Read Article
By: Edwin Heathcote       Post Comment

Due to countless stumbling blocks—from litigation and heritage concerns to endless design consultations—potentially beneficial developments are constantly given the go-around. Are planning regulations ultimately doing London a disservice?       Read Article
By: Peter Bishop, director of Design for London       Post Comment

Save for certain specific areas directly on the waterfront, the south side of the Thames is still shaking off its gritty past and looking for a promising future. In order to do so, the south must stop looking exclusively north, and should instead focus on developing and promoting its own identity.       Read Article
By: Rob Gregory, assistant editor of the Architectural Review       Post Comment

London's built environment has been influenced more by 74-year-old architect Richard Rogers than by anyone else in the last decade. Now his political influence has worldwide scope.       Read Article
By: Justin McGuirk, editor of icon magazine       Post Comment

Most of us will never navigate the complicated rules and regulations of the planning system. But a lot is possible if you temporarily ignore them...       Read Article
By: Karsten Huneck, partner at the Office for Subversive Architecture       Post Comment

Jaffer Kolb, a writer from New York now living in London, considers how the men appointed as political leaders of these two world cities have left their mark, and evaluates Ken Livingstone’s legacy.       Read Article
By: Jaffer Kolb, who is contributing to the Debate London website       Post Comment

Government guidance on how to build new housing is failing, but not because of poor design. We still expect new buildings to solve social problems, and it is creating a housing time bomb in London       Read Article
By: Alex Ely, former housing advisor to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, and partner of Mae Architects       Post Comment

You may all have seen the document below, which details the government's suggested accommodation for smokers after the smoking ban is introduced on July 1st. The architecture is execrable, but perhaps we will see a flowering of innovative outdoor design as a result of the ban - a multi-storey pub garden, anyone?       Read Article
By: Michael Howe, partner of Mae Architects and committed smoker       Post Comment

The city north and south of the river is legendarily different, but has anyone ever really put their finger on why? The answer lies in the public spaces of the south, and how they might be transformed       Read Article
By: Julian Lewis, partner at East Architects and South London resident       Post Comment

The future of the city's heritage should be in the hands of experts, but new technology forces us to change our ideas about what 'here' and 'now' might mean.       Read Article
By: Steven Bee, director of planning and development for English Heritage       Post Comment

London's Underground system defines our experience of the city. But it is much more than a transportation system. It is a public space where everyone is separate, but equal; a place that makes us see the city, and ourselves, differently.       Read Article
By: Marko Jobst, lecturer at the University of Greenwich       Post Comment

The foreign bankers of West Kensington are the same as the migrant workers of West Ham - both are attracted to the city by jobs, and both keep the capital's economy running.       Read Article
By: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah of the Institute of Public Policy Research       Post Comment

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